Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Feeling wistful - the end of an era (off to school)

So the summer holidays came and went, six weeks off school to relax and enjoy. Weeks that were so good this year. The weather saw to that. And the girls. They've grown up so much. This motherhood malarkey that I once thought sucked, has slowly morphed into pretty wonderful. I always used to dream about them reaching 7&4. Now they've arrived at 8&5, I actually want to press pause. Imagine that.

Esme said something yesterday... as usual it was wistful, "Just because I'm growing up, it doesn't mean my childhood is fading away Mum." It had been prompted by a long cuddle. The sort where you hold them close and never want to let go. She can be so intuitive sometimes that girl. She has handled her return to school this week with aplomb. Better than me.

You always did love books Esme!

Fia has also been at school this week. Almost. It's two hours each afternoon, full days start next week. She is so eager to get there. She asks repeatedly throughout the morning how much longer until... I'm pretty certain Fia is going to love reception. Five-years-old before she even begins, she is more than ready for school. I suppose the question is, is school ready for her?

You always did love pens Fia!