Thursday, 6 July 2017

Something to smile about - A review

Something to smile about... that's what the latest Colgate electric toothbrushes are. At least my elated 8 and 5 year old daughters think so. Honesty, the still very much mischievous 5 YO Fia has been going on and on about having an electric toothbrush for ages, and her face when she laid eyes on the bright Despicable Me themed battery brush was an absolute picture.
And then she heard it speak...

Necessity is the mother of all invention. Thank heavens for these little gismos. For the first time ever, my children are brushing their teeth correctly, the right amount of time spent in all the right places. And two weeks on, it's still fun. The voices of the minions instruct them on when and where to brush, and the overall process is as a result far better. Congratulated after they are finished, the once usual mundane routine has been turned on its now oscillating head. A head which is perfect for small teeth, with extra soft bristles for maximum brushing comfort. Win win.

Colgate Minions Kids Battery Brush
Available at: Boots and Superdrug 
Price: £11.99 

Disclaimer: We were sent two Colgate Minions Battery Brush toothbrushes for the purpose of this honest review