Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Today I found a note...

...and I simply must write it up for fear of losing it - something Esme said when she was six. She had not long been at Juniors, perhaps she was just seven? School had clearly had an assembly covering the charity Childline about feeling safe/being bullied. And yes, the number she quoted was correct; I remember looking it up afterwards to check!
Esme fights with Fia.
Esme stomps upstairs.
Finds Mummy working.
Tells Mummy that Fia is bullying her and has been bullying her every day this week.
Mummy says, let's make it better and have a story and a snuggle? 
Esme responds, Mummy, that’s not going to make it better. I'm going to phone Childline.  
Mummy baulks. What? 
Esme clarifies, If you've told someone you trust and they don’t help, and it doesn’t get any better, you should phone Childline. And, Mummy, I know the number. It is 0800 1111.