Monday, 21 January 2013

Screaming in pain

Right that's it. I'm taking action. I cannot have Sofia Faith screaming in pain (and at me) any longer. I've done the research and she is presenting with most of the symptoms of coeliacs disease. I don't think she has that, but I have to go back to basics and take her off diary and wheat in a bid to find out if she is still as very allergic as she was as an infant. 

Our days always start well and she's chipper enough, but they usually play out with her in pain. I've taken her to our cranial osteo magic man (ongoing and another post entirely), and to the homeopath down the road, who has recently also tried a remedy.

The reason I've sought help is because a lot of the time Sofia is a very unhappy, clingy, blotchy, bad-tempered little toddler with diarrhoea - up to eight dirty nappies a day. I'm hoping that cutting out diary and wheat may change that. For her. And for me. Tomorrow I am off to buy rice milk and to hang out in the 'special food aisle' at the supermarket. I feel glad to be doing something positive and recognising that there probably is a problem... that it is not just those bloody teeth.

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