Thursday, 10 January 2013

Thought-provoking sister Kate (3) and norovirus

Sister Kate lives in Ecuador. She lives a most health-orientated lifestyle and sends the most thought-provoking emails. Her latest is a remedy for the Norovirus

Sickness in the house? Tackle it with charcoal...

The good news:

Apparently activated charcoal (the sort used by all hospitals for poison ingestion), is an all natural and organic method of ridding the body of bacteria and viruses. It's available from all good health food shops.

The not so good news:

If you throw up after it, then you have to take more with water until it stays down.  

The good news:

It's completely non-toxic, is solely charcoal and you can take as much as you want. One teaspoon has a surface area of a football pitch and so will absorb all the tummy bug nasties and remove them from the body.

The not so good news:

It also clears out the good bacteria in the gut, so it is best to take a probiotic afterwards.  


Kate's helped lots of people in Ecuador with the charcoal remedy, including their pets who have been poisoned! One guy was so sick in the morning, he couldn't believe he was able to continue with the catering he needed to do for a party that evening. I'd wager it's worth a go!

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