Thursday, 24 January 2013


Let's face it, it was only a matter of time. 


I take her off the dining room table about 20 times a day. 


She uses a basket to step on to the play cooker.


She scales the A frame of the painting easel to step on to the kitchen side. 


She has scaled the lounge window sill and has even scaled the bath.


Looking back I suppose the writing was on the wall when she climbed out of her cot at 11 months and gave herself a black eye in the process. 


But falling head first out of a supermarket trolley and concussing herself? That's a new one, even on me. 


If you read the last post then you will know that I was all geared up to cut out wheat and dairy from Sofia's diet in a bid to stop her screaming. But that went by the wayside after a visit to the cranial osteopath (our magic man) who tested Sofia for a reaction to dairy and found nothing. Instead he told me that she appears to be suffering with headaches; a result of very tight membranes over her brain. The diarrhoea is a reaction to the pain they bring. The pain is a reaction of her emotional state. Her emotional state is a reaction to her pregnancy. The next bit freaked me out. He told me he was tracing her emotional state back to the fourteenth week in utero. I  quickly did the maths and realised that it was then I was told my Gran was dying. She passed a few days later. I was incredibly close to her. Make of that what you will.

The magic man said he would like to see me back again with Sofia a few more times so as to work on her head. About an hour later, she fell on it.

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