Friday, 19 April 2013

And the sun came out!

It's lovely having warmer weather. We have been outside more than inside most of the week, and that's been wonderful. People are smiling and generally LIFE AS IT IS for everyone, is on the up. I love Winter, but I love Summer more!

The downside is that work is mad at the moment, (all good - I cannot complain), but finding yourself at a desk looking out to the blue skies is rubbish. Good job I'm able to work in the evenings is all I can say, for I've let a lot of the desk sitting be done when the sun has disappeared. Priorities right?!

Additional work has meant that I've not read a book I was supposed to have. My mates have organised a book club (how very grown-up - I must be in my 40's) and it is due to meet this coming week. I am only as far as chapter four. The wine and nibbles will compensate for not joining in with the review, girls - I apologise in advance.

You would have thought I could have read the book throughout our Easter holiday, but no, I was too busy doing nothing... We had a lovely break in Cornwall and the time away was heaven sent. Cornwall is a corner of the country that I would love to explore a whole lot more. I've learnt that beach days are sometimes best when cold, and flying kites with a 4yo and a 19mo is a brilliant way to pass the time. While there though, I could have done without the minor concussion... must remember for future reference that cottages have low doors!

Have been gardening since we got back and spring cleaning in general. What is it about having a good clear out? It gives you so much energy. So much energy, that although I have had to work so much, and not read a book so much, I found the time to enter a competition on local radio. Well, you'd never guess... I only went and won it. Amazing. It is true, you have to be in it to win it.

Tomorrow, the OH and I are off to be thoroughly spoilt: lunch/dinner/champers/hair&makeover (that's me) and general pampering for the whole day and night. Doesn't get much better than that, does it? So yes, the sun is shining. And it would appear it is shining down on me. 

Must dash... I'm off to buy a lottery ticket!

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