Sunday, 14 April 2013

Even more down to earth with a bump (4)

Continuing my record of Sofia Faith's pregnancy -


The nausea and vomiting continue. They are such great signs I cannot ever complain – and I wont – but it is so tiring. On top of already being tiring. I read that even when you are resting at this stage, it is as if you are mountain climbing.

I've got itchy legs and often wake up through the night scratching them. If not I wake up to wee. Oh and when I don't wake up, it's because I'm already awake. Yes, the insomnia continues to eat in on my nights. However, I do think that overall, things are improving.
Ha! This morning I threw up four times in a lay-by trying to take Esme, my two-year-old to nursery. As I hung out the driver door, I could hear her enquiring, "Mummy, Mummy." Each time I tried to respond, I puked some more. Unpleasant.

This week is an important milestone for me. Last pregnancy I got to this very point, and began bleeding. Two days on I lost that little being.

It is a great feeling - not only to have made it beyond the point of our miscarriage - but also to have had our 12 week scan. It's amazing to know that all is well with our baby. 

Our baby is measuring two inches long.
Our baby is sucking its thumb. 
Our baby has its legs crossed. 
Our baby is sat in the very bottom of my uterus.
Our baby is looking like it's snoozing in a hammock. 
Our baby is a bloody wonder.
Our baby.

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