Sunday, 31 March 2013

Even more down to earth with a bump (3)

Continuing my record of Sofia Faith's pregnancy -

Welcome to pregnancy. 
I've noticed nausea creeping in over the last few days and this morning I was really constipated. Lovely!

My stomach is absolutely huge - already, and it is very difficult to hide the fact that I’m pregnant. None of my clothes fit comfortably, and most of them I can't wear anymore. It was the same with Esme's pregnancy, and the subsequent miscarriage, and it's as astonishing to me now, as it was then. What is that all about? Oh and also, my tits have begun their ascent into Kahunaville.

I've an early scan booked in for a couple of weeks time because of my miscarriage history. On one hand it can't come quick enough and on the other, I'm dreading it.

Great news! I've thrown up two days on the trot. YEY! It’s such a good sign, but still I’m worried about the scan next week. I’m so scared we won’t see a heartbeat. I keep having flashbacks to last time. It hasn't helped that this morning I woke up feeling normal. Not pregnant at all. My boobs were no longer tender, my tummy looked flat again, and worst of all, I no longer felt sick. I've all but convinced myself that I’m losing it.


One day to go until the scan and thank God I threw up this morning. Vomiting gave me the courage to do another test. I was shaking as I peed on the stick – but yes, there are definitely two lines to see, not one. If only we could bottle 'relief'.

We had the scan this morning. 
There was a heartbeat; it flashed away like E.T.'s in zipped up plastic bag state.
It is 13mm long and looks normal at this stage. 
Deep breath. 
Thank God.

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