Monday, 11 March 2013

Esme gets glasses (2)

Having collected Esme's new glasses we returned home for supper. Shortly afterwards, Esme discovered an ant on the floor. 

'Mummy, I've seen a very clever ant. It's done a handstand and then flipped over and landed on its back,' her glasses clearly working well.

At bedtime, I labelled the case and put them in her book bag ready for their first trip out to school the next day. 

Next morning, we were very nearly late to class, for on the way she had to stop and show off her glasses to every single parent she knew.  

Walking in, Esme beamed with pride at her teacher. She opened the case and oops, they fell on the floor. Quickly retrieved and carefully placed upon her pretty nose (with seemingly exaggerated arm movement), they seemed to sparkle. Was it my imagination or so too did Esme?

When I heard the teacher ask her if she wanted to tell the other children about her glasses, I knew it was time for me to head off. I watched Esme nod enthusiastically before kissing her goodbye. Reluctantly, I took both my toddler and my leave.

Esme holding court, called out a brief and cheery goodbye. I knew my girl would be just fine. I on the other hand walked home cuddling in Sofia and trying not to blub; brimming with pride at the way in which Esme was taking it all in her stride.

The day passed and I was soon there to pick Esme up. As she appeared in the line of children, I had to do a double take. She didn't look like my Esme. I felt a pang. All the other mums oohed and aahed as she came towards me. I felt another pang. We had a big hug. She burst in to tears. 

Home again and she was tired, she had a slight temperature. I put her on the sofa and put CBeebies on the tele. I watched Esme uncurl on her side with her head awkwardly upon the frame's metal arm. Said limb not looking half as sparkly now; just uncomfortable. They may yet take some getting used to after all.

My bespectacled beauty
Almost a week on I realise that even if Esme has taken no time at all settling in to her new glasses, for me, it's been a slightly different matter. The relief I felt that Esme was happy to wear them was immediate, but looking at her wearing them, has taken a little longer. God, she looks so grown-up!

Esme Grace only really has one thing to contend with as far as adapting to wearing them, and that is her little mischievious sister. Sofia Faith can be found waiting for an opportune moment to lunge and grab the specs from Esme's nose. Esme yells, Fia screams, all hell breaks loose and Fia is left with her disgruntled Winston Churchill frown, and Esme pious - in the way that only a glass wearer knows how to be. Spec envy is not something I ever envisaged having to referee, but I am. And so LIFE AS IT IS moves on, with the Grace half of the blog now seeing things a little more clearly.

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