Thursday, 28 March 2013

It must have been the fairy?

Sofia is smiling again. Yes, indeed, larger than life she's back, and not only that, it would appear the fairies have been in...

So this morning Esme Grace (gregarious 4YO) decided to dress Sofia Faith (mischievious 18MO) in the Tinkerbell outfit. I have to say it looked somewhat un-Tink-like though, for prior to being dragged out of the dress-up box for the second child's leap into imaginary play, it had already served one child's lifetime of fairy quota. It's grotty to say the least. 

Not threadbare thou, yet, but clearly that won't be long. Honestly, the way it was hoisted and inched over Fia is beyond me. I'm not sure I could have squished her in it. Esme obviously managed, down to her basic bossiness. But then Sofia is so much more compliant for her big sister. (Little moo)!

How much bigger is Sofia than Esme at the same age? Don't compare your second to your first so the saying goes, but sod the saying - it's too easy to look back and compare in our household, for they are exactly three years apart, give or take two days. And Fia is so much taller. Truly I love that she is of Amazonian stature already, her blond Boris locks self-twisted to dreds and sticking out all angles, adding to her overall dimensions. 

So tall yes, plump no. Rather solid. Solid to the point that the Tinkerbell dress over her pj's and a cardi, when stretched over her torso looked like a sausage skin at the butchers; fully loaded. Adorably hilarious! Plus a ruddy cheeked smile that made the trauma of the last few weeks melt away.

I'm guessing it must have been something to do with fairy magic?

An hour later, Tinkerbell was sat smiling, surrounded by soil, complete with mud in her mouth, skew-whiff wings, having pushed over a poinsettia. So yes, Sofia is back. 
And I'm so very thankful.