Monday, 18 March 2013

Even more down to earth with a bump (2)

Continuing my record of Sofia Faith's pregnancy -


God my boobs are tender. And they look bigger too. 

My stomach is totally bloated and my emotions are all heightened.

I'm two days late. Dare I do a test? It’s always so disappointing. 

What the hell I will. 

OMG. There are two pink lines on the stick. That’s amazing. 

And would you believe it? If you read the previous posting of 'Even more down to earth with a bump' (1), you will know I’ve just had my hair cut. Flippin’ heck!


Ok so I know I’m thrilled to be pregnant, but I’m only five weeks (literally just) and already the symptoms are kicking in. It is 2am and I have come down to get some warm milk in the hopes that it will have a soporific effect.

I woke to wee at midnight and have been awake ever since. Apparently insomnia is common for many women in this stage of pregnancy. Tomorrow night I will eat a banana before going to bed. Natural yogurt and seeds are also supposed to help?

Oh the fun. Already. And I have an absolutely stinking cold – it isn’t helping that I can’t take any drugs for that.

I'm also concerned about the supplements I’ve been taking to try and fall pregnant. Now that I am up the duff, should I be on all of them? Probably not, I'll stop them, but I'm sure that they, and the cranial osteopath I’ve recently seen, are the reason I’m sitting here wide awake in the middle of the night right now.

Enough is enough, back to bed to try again. 


I've done three more pregnancy tests this week. 

They still all say positive. 

I'm finding it difficult to believe them; they're taunting me. 

Secretly I'm terrified.

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