Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Her colour drained, her mischieviousness disappeared.

A post before the children wake. It's been a great night's sleep. Unusual in this house of late. But I hope that means that the latest antibiotic Sofia Faith has been taking, along with the steroids and inhalers, have helped her over her month long illness. 

We were back at the GP's yesterday to discuss why the duty doctor sent us to Hospital on Saturday, the chest xray results and the pneumonia Sofia's been fighting. Poor lamb. She has been very unwell. A spiking temperature has plagued her, along with a dreadful cough - at times this has been her only movement, otherwise laid out on my lap, listless, limp. 

I only got the seriousness of it all when she could no longer cry with the usual furor. Instead a sad whimpering pleaded with me, her eyes looking for mine continually, wanting reassurance that only I could give - or pretend to give. 

Sofia has been an extension of me for almost four weeks, sat on my hip as I would cook, sat on my hip as I took Esme to school, sat on my lap at all other times, even sometimes sat on my lap as I would wee. 

Yesterday however, she found a toy to play with in the morning, all by herself, and I could see her cheeks had the tiniest tinge of pink to them, her eyes a hint of brightness - and was that the merest moment of mischieviousness there my girl as you went to drink our good friend's cup of cold mint tea off the side? I hope so Fia. I really do, it will be good to have you back again!