Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The curious incident of the fish in the daytime (A fishy tale I)

Today I went to see a man about a fish.

And as I sit here (it's now the evening),

And look at the fish,

I'm wondering how the bloody heck it survived?

I had left my youngest colouring in.

But came back from the loo to find her playing hairdressers.

With the fish.

I presume she was playing hairdressers?

After finding her with the fish in one hand and a wet comb in the other, well?

In the process of brushing out fine fish fins -

She broke the dorsal fin.

I cried.

A lot.

Poor bloody fish.

Do I have a psychopath or a 3YO?

OR both?

One thing...

It is already a goggly eyed fish, so it is difficult to tell if the pressure of being squeezed in her hand has led to the eyes being even more goggly?

I do know it has led to swim bladder disorder.

This is a floating issue, and in this instance, is quite clearly down to physical deformity - or being squashed.

Today I went to see a man about a fish.

He gave me salt.

Apparently mushy peas work wonders?

Salt and mushy peas?

Add vinegar too, and yes, I'd say you are onto something.

The only thing I added (along with the salt) was taller weed - I thought if it had something to look at up the top of the tank, it may take its mind off feeling unwell?

Although the man doesn't think the fish is in pain.

Only suffering from exhaustion.

Trying to get down is bloody hard work when your swim bladder is buggered.

If all else fails, I learnt today that a vet can take an x-ray of a goldfish.

Who knew?

I think I'll try the mushy peas first.


Elizabeth - Little White Feathers said...

Oh good grief Emma - take it this really happened and isn't a wonderful piece of fiction!!??! Good luck with the mushy peas and here's to your future hairdresser daughter :-0 xx

Anonymous said...

You took a Goldfish to the vets ! Wow thats a first I'm impressed, definitely a finding Nemo moment x

Emma Oliver said...

No I didn't. Read it again. This time properly. Lol.

Emma Oliver said...

Thanks Elizabeth. She is something else that kid! x

Victoria Welton said...

Oh my goodness!! That us incredible! I would have been far too scared as a child to pick a fish up. Grace isn't though. I didn't realise that vets can x-ray them. Fascinating what you find out. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo lovely Hope that fish survives the drama! x

Emma Oliver said...

Thanks Vic, so far so good, although he is still stuck up at the top of the tank. He is eating fine, and doing poos - always a good sign - but he looks sad. Heart breakingly sad. x

Suzanne W said...

Ha ha ha! Am I allowed to laugh?! Firstly, I can't believe how sweet and kind you are to even care about he fish - My husband would have insisted on flushing it down the loo to save it from misery! x

Emma Oliver said...

I know, it's been with us a long time! x