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Shaun the sheep - First ever DVD release - a review

The new SHAUN THE SHEEP series four: Flock to the floor, is to be released on DVD in a couple of weeks, but for the purpose of this review, the GraceFaith girls had a sneak preview during the holidays. (As if there wasn't enough great children's TV over Christmas?) 

I can't believe you won't be, but if you aren't familiar with Shaun the sheep, then perhaps you've heard of Wallace & Gromit? Created by the same animation franchise: Aardman, of Nick Park fame, Shaun first featured in the Wallace & Gromit film A Close Shave. Shaun is also the elder cousin of Timmy from Timmy Time (a spin off for younger viewers). 

Shaun the sheep plays in 170 countries, so this sheep family are very successful. But then of course they are. Such a tight-knit flock with so many human traits, were always going to be.

There are 10 seven minute films on the DVD and the plot for each is how the peaceful Mossy Bottom Farm is turned into utter mayhem, as Shaun and his pals run rings around their poor sheepdog Bitzer, who tries so hard to stop the Farmer finding out about the high jinx.

The result is a formula that works with each and every programme, as every day life is brought to farm animals, and farm animals are brought to every day life. A new idea? No. Still funny? Yes. Extremely.

DVD episodes include: Ground Dog Day, Remote Control and Phoney Farmer, and other stories written by a string of talent that includes the likes of acclaimed author Dave Ingham (the Kipper book series, and writer on Fireman Sam, Pingu, The Octonauts etc etc).

I did wonder if so many writers would result in a disjointed feel, but actually it doesn't at all. How could it, sticking to such a winning formula? If anything it keeps the product fresh and more alive than ever.

That sharp Wallace & Gromit humour is very much in evidence in these Shaun the sheep episodes (as you would hope it to be), and Shaun entertains the entire family - including Sofia Faith (our cheeky 3YO), who has insisted on repeatedly asking for it ever since its premiere one rainy afternoon. It's not difficult to understand why. It's brilliant, but also, clearly Fia can identify with Shaun. A sheep who has a mind of his own – and leads the flock into all sorts of mischief, for if you read Life As It Is regularly, you'll know she's definitely that kind of character too. Meanwhile, Esme Grace (my gregarious 6YO) has also delighted in the programme. Not only now understanding, but 'getting' the (very) funny side to this brand new light-hearted and rather lovely series. We say, 'bring on Shaun the Sheep - the movie!'

Shaun the Sheep certainly starts 2015 on a high with the release of FLOCK TO THE FLOOR on January 26th. 
Cert. U | Combined Running Time: 70 mins approx. RRP: £9.99
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The upcoming Shaun the Sheep The Movie is released in theatres on February 6th.

Life As It Is/Emma Oliver, received a copy of the brand new DVD Shaun the sheep: Flock to the floor, in exchange for this review. 
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