Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Non-negotiable musings of a 3YO - how to deal with defiance

Sofia is precariously balanced on a chair.

When asked to get down she refuses point blank.

We both know the drill.

I begin to count to three.

On arriving at two, Fia decides that standing on a chair, plus winding mummy up, is potentially a risk worth the taking.

For the first time ever, she asks, "Mummy, what will happen if you get to three?"

"You will lose your bedtime story darling."

And not for the first time, I fight to keep a straight face.


As Sofia climbed down, I wondered that she'd never asked this before, being so switched on and all. I guess it is because I've always used it, (since Esme was a toddler). 

I realise my nanny training and all the experience I gained from looking after children over the years prior to having a family of my own, has helped me continually when it has come to raising my girls. 

The 'before I get to three' rule has worked brilliantly for both of them all of this time, but then they do love bedtime stories. 

If you have a defiant toddler, or cheeky 3YO, you too could try the counting to three rule - with something your little one really loves - it's a positive way of getting positive results. Praise them after they have done what it is that was asked of them. 

A couple of years ago, I wrote a feature on positive praise, if it is of interest, please read it here

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