Monday, 27 July 2015

Beautiful designer jewellery for AW2015

Finding the perfect piece for your occasion

I love my job as shopping editor for a high end mag - every so often something wonderful comes along, such as reviewing the pop up Moroccan restaurant at Searcy's The Gherkin
Not only was that a treat, but I was also able to wear beautiful award winning designer jewellery to the event, which I'd now like to shout about on Life As It Is.

First of all, massive thanks to the CMJ Media PR team who made it happen, but especially to Natalie, who managed to line up pieces that not only suited me, but also suited the theme of my night out. Natalie was told I was wearing cobalt blue and off to Marrakesh.

Take a look at this...

Sif Jakobs, Arezzo Leather Bracelet Blue, £79

Diamonfire Dreamcatcher Necklace, £115
Diamonfire, Dreamcatcher Bracelet, £95

Diamonfire Gold Cross Bracelet, £85

Alexis Dove, Helios ring £90

Alexis Dove  Helios Cascade Earrings from £110

It's an understatement to say I was dressed for the occasion thanks to the artisans that allowed me to showcase their crafts, and that I felt like a princess (something every woman and mother deserves to feel). 

If you are looking for something on trend and just that little bit different, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your Life As It Is, and the perfect piece for every occasion by visiting:

Emma Oliver and LIFE AS IT IS borrowed this jewellery in exchange for a mention on the parenting/lifestyle blog 

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