Monday, 6 July 2015

LIFE AS IT IS - This week in July 2015...

We danced non-stop, continuing to celebrate Simon's 40th and now we're exhausted, spent. Loving the summer sun though, and managing to sap energy from that and the odd can of Redbull to keep us going through the partying. Seriously, our sitter has never seen so much action. And by the way, we love our local pub. The couple that run it have done so much to turn it around. Great arrows.

Next door to the gritty public house, the much loved Co-operative has shut. Sometime it will open again as a bright and shiny M&S. I'm gutted. I much prefer old and run down. But that's just me.

We took the girls to The Hindhead School of Music open day. It was goosebump remarkable in as much as it was such an unexpected surprise.

Magical and inspiring, creative and beautiful; music spilled from the welcoming open windows and doors. Making the biggest impact on Esme, was the angelic harp which drifted outside to the still gardens and their many hidden delights. It was all so heavenly. Plus we discovered a drumming talent in the family...

One door closes and another opens not just in the form of the Co-op and M&S, but that of good friends we enjoyed a collective gathering for. They and their children leave the lane for pastures new in a month - I mean pastures too, for Mozambique is very green and lush. We look forward to hearing about their wonderful life, wish them well; envy them the sunsets, the wildlife, the adventure that awaits, and hope they take care and return to visit and tell all soon. Guys, run through that open door and go gather some oysters. x

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