Friday, 17 July 2015


Around the same time that Peas in a Pod was brought to my attention to review, another meaningful book with an underlying message was also sent to LIFE AS IT IS.

TITLE: Don't think about purple elephants
Suitable for: ages 3-7
AUTHOR: Susan Whelan
ISBN: 978-1-921966 69 9
Published by: EK Books
Release date: 29/6/15
Price: £7.95

Sometimes Sophie worries — not during the day when she is busy with family and friends, but at night when everything is calm and quiet. Her family all try to help, but somehow they just make her worries worse. Until her mother thinks of a new approach… that might just involve an elephant or two! But wait, don’t think about purple elephants, whatever you do! 

Based on the experience the author had with her own seven-year-old daughter, this book has resonated with me. As a child, I was worried about all sorts at night. I never got to sleep easily. I remember seeing ghosts and imagining all sorts of frightening things. A recurring dream that seemed so real, was the old lady sat at the end of my bed. Unable to move from under the covers, I was trapped. To this day, I cannot bear my head under the covers. Small wonder I ended up writing for a living... what an imagination - or was it real?!

Fortunately, Esme (6YO) and Fia (3YO) have no trouble getting to sleep - I hope it remains that way - but although my girls sleep well, Don't Think About Purple Elephants has been helpful to me in another way. It has demonstrated how rounded my eldest daughter is. For example, when Sophie worries about not having cereal because they've run out of milk? Esme said, "Mummy, she could just have toast." When Sophie worries about her favourite shirt being in the wash at the weekend, Esme piped up, "Well, she could choose another." When Sophie worries about forgetting her packed lunch... that stumped Esme for a moment, until she decided, "Mummy, you would have to bring it into school, or I could share." You know, I don't think I ever realised before that Esme was a problem solver. I love that!

I also love that the mum in this book is the hero! I like the humour and honesty in this story. I love that it is a true story and consequently a realistic one. I also love that it will potentially help many children and parents alike as they grow together.

Emma Oliver and the GraceFaith girls received a copy of Don't Think About Purple Elephants in exchange for a review on the parenting/lifestyle blog LIFE AS IT IS. I would like to give this book to someone that needs it... please do comment if that is you or your child - the first one can DM me their address and I will send it over.

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Mummy Tries said...

We need this book!! Will def look out for it, thanks Emma, fab review :-)

Writing Life As It Is said...

Renee, I have sent it to someone that commented a couple of days ago on this post - but on my FB post for it. EKBooks is the publisher - the lady I put you in touch with will probably have another copy if you ask nicely. See you soon. x