Wednesday, 29 July 2015

New management tools for food allergy and intolerance are coming...

As the number of allergy sufferers continues to increase, it is good to know that new management tools are being created. Food Maestro and Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust are
 collaborating to create new digital products for patients and healthcare professionals based on food 
allergy and intolerance research.


FoodMaestro is an online platform that today provides healthcare professionals and patients access to the latest information on packaged food products sold in the UK – offering users extensive research and lifestyle choice options on over 30,000 ingredients and 100,000 products in order to enhance the product discovery journey in understanding the ingredients in packaged foods.
The initiative will see Guy’s and St Thomas’ expertise in paediatric and adult allergy supported by FoodMaestro’s digital platform to enable the co-development of new digital services. The new services will give medical professionals new tools to share specialist research and reduce time spent researching allergies associated with food products. Patients will also benefit from the creation of new digital educational platforms to help manage food allergy and intolerance conditions on their own.
FoodMaestro, which is the first of its kind within the healthcare system, was created with the guidance of some of the UK’s top dieticians and allergy specialists resulting in today over 100 individual ingredient filters to create personalised dietary profiles.
“With the number of allergy sufferers continuing to increase, it’s crucial that healthcare professionals are able to develop their knowledge and understanding of food allergies,” said Dr George du Toit at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation. “This is a positive development for the healthcare sector and will greatly improve the level of expertise within hospitals.”