Thursday, 28 April 2016

Warwick Castle Maze - A review


Warwick is a castle that thrills and delights, leaving you in no doubt of the mighty battles it has borne, those that fought and fell, those that lived like kings, not forgetting those that suffered such horrible histories. Of course, if you've visited Warwick Castle, you couldn't fail to know all of that. It is magnificent, and with so much going on you could easily spend multiple days there... amongst other things, watching the Birds of Prey show, visiting the Knight's Village, seeing the Trebuchet in action (flying fireball), touring the castle, or mingling with its inhabitants (meet the marvellously informed poo man, and the entertaining, if slightly bonkers, Countess Greville: I live here. I'm loaded). 

However, if you haven't visited for a while, you might not yet know about its most recent reason to return... its fabulous brand new attraction that opened at Easter: 
The Horrible Histories Maze...

For Entry to Warwick Castle, you can get the cheapest prices by booking online, at least five days in advance.  Tickets start from £18 per person or £72 for a family of four.  Children under 3 years are free. The Maze is included in the entry price.

The Horrible Histories Maze is actually the UK’s first fully interactive multi-sensory maze, giving visitors a fiendishly fun and endlessly intriguing experience as they ‘Get Lost in Time’.

Unique to any other maze (it starts in the centre), the focus is on bringing history to life in gruesome ways. By which I mean it is multi-sensory, featuring interactive puzzles as well as being crammed with Horrible Histories author Terry Deary’s foul facts and Martin Brown’s crazy cartoons.

The aim of the game is to reorder the muddle that the mischievous character Rattus Rattus has made of time, and find the way out. Terry Deary asks visitors to put history right, catch that rebel rodent and get him safely under lock and key. Each section of the maze represents a different period of history, and so you'll find your way passing through the likes of Vicious Vikings, Storming' Normans, Measly Middle Ages, Terrifying Tudors, Slimy Stuarts, and Frightful First World War, the idea being that as you do so, you order time and history.

My children loved stamping their passports (a very cool way of ticking off each area), which at the end entitles them to a badge. The girls each had their favourite part of the maze. Sofia (gregarious 4YO) loved the WW1 area, making contact in the trenches amongst the sandbags...

Actually Simon paused for thought amongst the 'FRIGHTFUL FIRST WORLD WAR area too. It is brilliantly done, poignant in it's simplicity...

Esme meanwhile, (thoughtful 7YO) took delight in the witch area, learning how the Measly Middle Ages were a balancing act for many...


Informative yet fun (surely the best way of learning), history plays out in this maze using play and imagination. Humour abounds too, and so the children (and adults) are easily engaged and engrossed in each section. Suitable for all ages, LIFE AS IT IS thoroughly recommends the maze - it is  brilliantly thought out, and clearly constructed without any expense spared.

Emma Oliver and the GraceFaith girls received a complimentary visit to Warwick Castle in exchange for a review on the parenting/lifestyle blog LIFE AS IT IS.

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Aura Willow said...

Great review - we are looking forward to visiting.

Where abouts in the castle is the entrance to the maze? - I can't see it on the map or on thier website.

Thanks - Aura.