Monday, 4 April 2016

A natural born camper?

Turns out I'm not a natural born camper. I much prefer the five-star treatment. Here, let me put you in the picture: me and camping

Then of course, last summer I went on a trip that was officially labelled GLamping but was horrified to realise there was no ground coffee available. I would usually have taken a cafetiere with me in these circumstances, but had been thinking glamorous camping would equate to strong coffee on tap, along with a ready made bed to get into. What a fool I was - no I didn't take bedding either.

So yes, camping is my idea of hell. But now that LIFE AS IT IS has been offered a GLamping review opportunity, and now that the kids are older... (7 & 4), now that there is heating on offer... and proper beds... and now that I've long since given up my coffee addiction... okay then, I'll give it a go. Who couldn't resist the lure of - and I quote - snuggling up in your very own den in a hidden valley - along with views like this...

One Cat Farm in Wales here we come.