Monday, 4 April 2016

A natural born camper?

Turns out I'm not a natural born camper. I much prefer the five-star treatment. Here, let me put you in the picture: me and camping

Then of course, last summer I went on a trip that was officially labelled GLamping but was horrified to realise there was no ground coffee available. I would usually have taken a cafetiere with me in these circumstances, but had been thinking glamorous camping would equate to strong coffee on tap, along with a ready made bed to get into. What a fool I was - no I didn't take bedding either.

So yes, camping is my idea of hell. But now that LIFE AS IT IS has been offered a GLamping review opportunity, and now that the kids are older... (7 & 4), now that there is heating on offer... and proper beds... and now that I've long since given up my coffee addiction... okay then, I'll give it a go. Who couldn't resist the lure of - and I quote - snuggling up in your very own den in a hidden valley - along with views like this...

One Cat Farm in Wales here we come.


Mummy Tries said...

Have fun lovely, really looking forward to hearing how it goes. I'm the same, but don't think I'll be brave enough to even try glamping until Freddy is a bit older xx

Emma Oliver said...

This place would work with a family - babies/toddlers et al xxxx