Monday, 4 April 2016

Unplugging to reconnect with a basic love of life

I think there is something truly wonderful about your mobile phone going on the blink the same day that you leave for a holiday.  Maybe that’s just me? Yet as I’m headed westbound out of Paddington on a train to Bristol Parkway, I’m feeling like my holiday has already begun. You see, I no longer have the annoyance of work buzzing in my handbag. No, now it’s just me alone, sat smug having survived the platform scrum.

Actually, I’m doubly smug, for I’m doing this first leg of the journey alone. Darling other half is currently somewhere along the M4 corridor with the chaos that is our 7 and 4 YO girls in tow. See what I mean about feeling my hols has well and truly begun?

I’m not going to need the phone where are headed. One Cat Farm promises to have no WiFi and thank heavens for that. This holiday is all about being in close proximity with the family in idyllic Welsh countryside, staring at the stars. It’s about unplugging oneself from the technological madness that most of us inhabit each and every day, and reconnecting with a basic love of life.

Can’t wait to see how it goes…