Friday, 15 April 2016

Fundamentals of family life... - A poem

...Staring up I don’t recall skies quite like this since the Australian Outback. My God, the stars look in touching distance. And underneath the starlit skies, I’m reminded how magical life can be.  
When all around us is a conveyor belt of madness most of the time, it’s too easy to forget. Yet here I am, stripped bare of everything technological and left only with the warming campfire in front of me. It is long awaited bliss. 
The girls are nearby, sound asleep inside their comfy beds within the cosy den. A grass-roofed eco wood hut that equates to the best nights sleep possible. It is quiet and warm thanks to the insulation. 
I’m in a hidden Welsh Valley approximately three miles from the colourful Georgian coastal town of Aberareron. I’ve been transported back to the fundamentals of life spent together as a family. 
And it is all really rather welcome.

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