Sunday, 10 June 2018

Two years ago today I had a full hysterectomy...

This photo never ceases to amaze me... 2 years ago today I had a full hysterectomy. My surgeon removed a 7lb fibroid that was the size of a football. Turns out it was actually very likely down to the lyme bacteria invading my uterus - which soon became known as the womb of doom. 

I suffered painful periods, heavy too. I'd go through a box of super plus in a day. The PMT was horrendous. Emotional twists and turns which I could never see coming included outbreaks of anxiety and depression. Small wonder when you consider by the time a fibroid (cyst) is this big it becomes a little being, having a hormonal production and vascular system of its own.

My gut and tummy were plagued with problems; mainly the bloating which could look like this... My 'baby' sat on my bladder and bowel affecting how I slept too. It was like a pregnancy in so many ways. Not surprisingly many assumed it was and answering the question of 'when was I due?' became far the most difficult association attached to how I looked and felt at the time. 

But what I want to shout about here is how at the time I had no idea this was in fact all symptomatic of chronic lyme disease (lyme when it is dormant goes into cyst form, hence I’ve since had 3 breast lumps removed in 6 months). Now that I have a lyme diagnosis and I have the sometimes warped benefit of hindsight, it’s time to spread awareness on just how lyme can manifest. 

Don’t take exhaustion, fatigue or chronic fatigue lying down - excuse the pun. Recognise that it is not any kind of normal for a young woman (I was 44 when I underwent this operation) to feel that sort of tired. That sort of hormonal. That sort of anxious. That sort of sad. That sort of bloated. No, it's not actually any kind of normal full stop.

#LymeDisease NOT #LymesDisease

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