Friday, 8 June 2018

Strictly Briks Brik Tower - A review

DETAILS: Strictly Briks Brik Tower
Age: 5+
92 pieces
Comes with a satisfaction guarantee

Strictly Briks has arrived on the market. Not easy to do when one of your rivals is a much loved Danish brick brand. But they've a neat stacking system which is standing tall amongst its competitors.

What's not to love? All children benefit from this activity. The trained nursery nurse in me knows full well that playing with bricks aids development in many different ways: Honing skills such as Maths (think colour, weight, height, distance, symmetry, shape and geometry); Fine motor skills and co-ordination (think pincer and palmer grasp and dexterity of clicking small pieces together); Design awareness and creativity (think anything goes literally and imaginatively), and Social awareness and behaviour (think being able to share - bricks and ideas as well as a trial and error mentality). Above all else, building with bricks is FUN!

Taking it to a whole new level. The box contains 12 baseplates, sized 6"x6" and 80 stackers, meaning that height here is happening. My girls have really enjoyed the tower aspect this kit allows, and their imagination has gone into overdrive: think towers yes, but hotels with penthouses, flats with mates sharing the different levels and landing strips for flight path activity etc.

What's great is that Strictly Briks although completely separate to, are compatible with all other bricks including the Lego, Mega Bloks and K'Nex brand sets.

Struggling to find one. They are bricks. They are colourful. They are even compatible with other bricks.

My 9yo Esme says: I like the Brik Tower because it helps me to build even more things thanks to all the layers. My imagination can run wild with ideas. For example, what might actually be inside the different rooms. All the colours mean today it's a rainbow and there are different creatures living on each layer. I have to say it's a shame this set is missing brown stacking bricks though!
6yo Fia says: They are great to use. I love them because they build upwards. They are nearly as tall as me when all joined together. At the moment it is a hotel but we are planning on making it a hospital next.

Everyone knows the value of the Danish brick brand, but do they appreciate the market rivals? If they're like me, probably not. But they should. Strictly Briks are certainly every bit as fun while being top value for money.

Disclaimer: LIFE AS IT IS was sent a box of Strictly Briks for the purpose of this honest review

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