Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Neurologically speaking

Monday I went to London for work; I travel up once a month to produce the audio version of Tesco magazine that I also script. I’ve done it for over ten years and I love both the work and my team to bits. Monday though, I shouldn't have gone. The brain fog was extreme. I sat reading the intro having an almost out of body experience as neuro symptoms played havoc. After getting through it, I found myself struggling to get home, literally putting one foot in front of the other was exhausting. 

Having taken my recovery situation seriously, I’ve been in bed ever since. Learning to listen to a lyme ravaged body is the only way. This morning, the fog is clearing and my energy returning. I’ve neurological Lyme. This equates to major cognitive processing issues and my brain tires easily. Recognising and accepting this is very much key to understanding the stealth pathogens associated with tick borne diseases. 

Changing my diet has helped enormously. Grapefruit is just one of the foods that Lyme doesn't like. By changing my diet I am starving the bacteria. The detox is difficult to sometimes stick to. Of course it is. Who wants to eat so 'cleanly' all the time? Last week we were away for half term and not only did my diet steer off course, I kept up with everyone as if I didn't have Lyme at all - staying up 'til 1am one night, pushing myself each day until Lyme eventually caught up with me. Of course it did.

If you saw the post prior to this, you will know that only a few weeks ago, I felt incredible. With the help of a great naturopath, I AM seeing great results. I’ve been doing so well lately. This was a blatant reminder that I'm not there yet. Yes I have more energy but the difference is, I don't have stamina. I need to remember that. Monday scared me. If you have Lyme you will recognise you need to say ‘no’ to stuff. Recognise you need to not overdo it. Frankly recognise you need. And that is crap. 

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