Saturday, 9 February 2013

A little more detail (8) Finally pregnant again

I've spent the week writing a series of posts on NY and it has been brilliant reminiscing and romanticising about a life that was prior to having kids, but now back to motherhood and my reality, and a little more detail...

So where was I then? Reminded that I am lucky to have a second little one in my life. A warning not to constantly bemoan the fact that I find her challenging and exhausting, but a motion to hold her tight just that little bit more and wonder at her being, her sense of adventure, her spirit.

That sense of adventure is one that is teamed up with a steely determination. Of course it is. Sofia had to be determined right from the word go. The fact that I was even holding on to her pregnancy alone tells me how strong she was from the very beginning. Thinking about it, I realise her pregnancy held on to me. Oh my little tenacious one.

I'd been having Manual Lymphatic Drainage, I'd worked at my diet, I'd taken Agnus Castus, Infact I'd done all manner of things. With 'that clock' ticking away and only two weeks of the six months left to go, I saw the cranial osteo - aka 'magic man'. 

Two treatments with Chris Grey later, I was pregnant with Sofia. That doesn't read too well does it?! Actually, the most physical it ever got was when his hand hovered above my uterus. Strangely, he concluded that my womb was folded and laying to one side. Even more strangely, his hand hovered some more and I felt an internal shift. I guess my womb straightened out. Whatever he did, all I know is that the following month I'd conceived.

The posts hereafter called 'Even more down to earth with a bump' will document my pregnancy journey with Sofia Faith, and I hope you enjoy sharing her story with me.

In hindsight, I'd seen the gynae at the hospital who had ordered a routine scan. The sonographer hadn't said my womb was folded and laying to one side, but she had said, 'Sorry it's taking so long, I'm having difficulty taking the measurements of your womb.' Which would surely indicate... 

Osteo Cranial with Chris Grey 
The Wishing Well, Petersfield, Hants 
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