Sunday, 10 February 2013

'I've met your sort before'

So this weekend I'm doing the grocery shop, kids in tow, and am at the checkout with Sofia the toddler (screaming 17MO), when Esme (gregarious 4YO) suddenly disappears.

I find her three checkouts over, animatedly telling a woman I do not know that her little sister is yelling again. Totally flustered I collect her to the tune of, 'Heavens above, please. How many times do I tell you, we don't talk to strangers? And stay with Mummy.'

I manage to smile feebly at the woman and wonder is it me, or does she have a look of disdain about her? Esme returns with me to Sofia (still screaming).

We manage to complete our shop and are on the way back home when Esme casually informs me, 'By the way Mummy, that was not a stranger, that was one of the teachers from school.'

Consider me a marked mother.

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