Friday, 8 February 2013

A postcard from Montauk, Long Island

I'm on the road in Long Island and after leaving East Hampton today I drive to a state park, the Walking Dunes. It's not quite Namibia, but still a desolate beauty, and that is hard to find elsewhere out here. The dunes reach 80ft in places.  They are silent (save the breeze).

Afterwards, I carry on until I find the beach at Montauk. What a discovery. It is beside a motel that begs the imagination to surrender to images of 1950’s beach babes in shades, sunhats and togs on the veranda, with their pursuing men on motorbikes nearby in the lot, smoking and generally trying to act cool. 

Yes, Montauk is cool. And colourful and refreshing too. Surf's up. In the words of Bill Withers: 'Lovely day.'