Saturday, 2 February 2013

Time to stop and stare

Happy Birthday Grand Central Station, 100 years old today!

Manhattan for me is completely magical. I suppose some of that wonder can be summed up by taking a view of Grand Central Station's fascinating October sky painted on its cylindrical ceiling. The zodiac and the constellations are depicted, all outlined on a turquoise backdrop with illumination for the brightest stars. It is breath taking.

I was in New York in 1998 when this ceiling was unveiled after a revamp and it is as glorious to me now as it was then; it is just so moving. Indeed, I would say that if you fail to stop and stare when passing through the Grand Central terminal (certainly for the first time), then you are surely devoid of all emotion.

If you've never been to NYC and are planning a trip, make sure you pop in on this marvel of a centenarian. Find it at: 89 East 42nd Street at Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
p.s. If you are heading in that direction, then don't miss The Oyster Bar, one of New York City's oldest restaurants, housed in Grand Central, it offers views of this indoor  astronomical night sky as well as gastronomical great seafood. Of course, you will need to book in advance: 212-490-6650

There are a number of intriguing hidden features and facts about Grand Central that are revealed in the brilliant interactive map below, it's definitely worth a look:

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