Friday, 25 April 2014


Sofia Faith (my feisty 2YO) binned her dummy, transferring from a cot to a bed the same day. Now, two weeks later, she has started Montessori... 

Sofia followed me all morning long. 

Not leaving my side once. 

Then, when it came to letting go of my hand at half past nine and saying goodbye at nursery, she did so with gusto. 

She did not look back. 

Neither did I. 

The journey home was quiet. 

Walking through the front door without my little companion, was odd. 

Seeing her dolls pram in the hall untouched, got to me when I passed it for the third time. 

The house was so still. 

And for one melancholy moment its silence was overbearing. 

But only for a moment.

The phone rang. 

It was Sofia's teacher calling to say that my little one was doing fine. 

Although actually what she said was this: "She is like a hurricane. I can't stop her." 

Not quite sure how to interpret that, I took it that she was having the time of her little life.

And on that note, a mother calmed, with biscuit and cuppa... and a script and a review to write, I realised I'd reclaimed two whole mornings a week to myself from there on.  

Oh hello old life. It's been a while. 

God it's nice to see you again. 


Leanne Rain said...

Awww its such a empty feeling when they go to school... but once you do get use to that silence, its quite nice to have just some you time again :) #PoCoLo

Emma Oliver said...

Is it ever! Thank you for stopping by LIFE AS IT IS Leanne

Jaime Oliver said...

awww Emma i so remember this feeling i put Joshua into nursery a few months back and although he loved it, it was hard for me to get used to.

Hope she had a fantastic time my lovely xx

thanks for linking up with #PoCoLo