Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter, family & origami

So Easter was chocolate-filled, friend-filled and family-filled, and the school holidays were a great break. Mainly great as I spent much of it with my long lost sister Kate who has been visiting from Ecuador. It is two years since her last visit and catching up with her, her other half and my nephew, has been refreshingly good. Indeed, we have spent more quality time together in the last three weeks, than we have in the last ten years. We needed too. Distance and children have brought us closer, and I like the way it feels.

Our break was also spent doing days out - you can read here about London zoo. Then there was Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge and The Science Museum in Winchester, both of which my nephew of 8 years proved the perfect age for. I didn't think either of these places were so great for my toddler, although Sofia did love pushing buttons at the Science Museum. (But then, doesn't she always?!) Esme was interested in both. 

There was also a trip away to a 5* hotel - The Luton Hoo, which I'll be reviewing for LIFE AS IT IS next week. Esme and Sofia enjoyed their time off, even if my little one was bent on biting her big sister for a lot of it. (The dummy and cot continue to be missed sub-consciously). Sofia begins Montessori in a couple of days, not sure how that is going to go. I feel she is so ready for nursery. Question is... is nursery ready for her?

The GraceFaith girls especially liked their brush with luxury, and are still trying to fold the end of our loo roll into a triangle... really, as if going to the toilet wasn't already enough of a mission with two small kids, the last week has seen origami incorporated into the experience. We're working on this bird next...

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