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Keeping kids safe in the sun (2) - A review

Keeping kids safe in the sun is vital. Protecting them from sun damage and the pain that sunburn brings, not to mention the risk of melanoma in later life, is our responsibility as parents.
It is not always easy to apply sun cream all over little tots that do not want to sit still. Or reapply for that matter. And that's just one reason why a sunsuit, or rashkini® is a brilliant buy.

Rockley Cove bikinis and matching rash vests
Price: Ranging from £18.99 - £45.98
Available from:
Suitable for: Girls ages 3-12

The idea came about when two mumpreneurs sat on the beach with their daughters in Dorset one day. The women, Lynne Murray and Judy Thompson, felt the swimwear market for girls was limited; all motif and garish designs. There wasn't much available that was cool and practical. They set out to change that, and Rockley Cove was born. In its infancy but growing quickly, their business is as niche as their swimwear. For heavens sake, they even coined the term Rashkini®!

The duo's British designs are a stylish breath of fresh air, coming in four prints: modern dot, graphic daisy, abstract floral and geometric. Colours include blue, green, aqua, orange, coral and pink. (The GraceFaith blog girls are wearing the modern dot design).

The bikinis have a choice of halter and bandeau tops, and contrast tie, shorts and skirt bikini bottoms. The Rashkini® vest has a high neck and short sleeves; covering sensitive shoulder, neck and back areas.

First of all, I love that the Rockley Cove website (both attractive and easy to get around) has a section on safety in the sun, with links to This is why sunsuits were invented in the first place.

Rockley Cove garments are Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF)50+ which is classed as providing ‘excellent’ protection, blocking 97.5 to 99+% of UV radiation. Quite something when you consider that a white cotton tee would only offer UPF7+.

The designs are quite simply gorgeous and groovy – or as Rockley Cove put it, 'cool and contemporary'. The fabric is stretchy but holds shape, and it's clearly good quality. They will last longer than one season. On that note, they are also fade resistant, thus retaining their eye-catching colour.

My girls wanted to wear the same design, but with different bottoms. Did I mention how they can be bought as a three-piece, or bikinis and vests chosen individually? Cleverly accommodating for age appropriateness huh?!

As soon as she set her eyes on it, Esme Grace couldn't wait to get the Rockley Cove Rashkini® on, asking to wear it to her swim lesson. There was instant interest from other swim club mums… Although quite honestly, I imagine the same happening wherever the girls wear them; for frankly, they look beautiful.

After swimming, I washed out the bikini hand wash, although it is machine washable. The fabric is fast drying, and at the seaside that will be a boon.

Sofia (cheeky 2YO) is very happy with her rashkini® and on wearing it, begged me to take her to the beach for an ice cream. She looked so cute it was hard to say no! I’m looking forward to our forthcoming travels, when we can do just that!

There is no boys range. YET. Rockley Cove plan on launching this next year. 

Now that British Summer Time is upon us, you may well be thinking of renewing your child's swimming costume? If so, then I hope this review encourages you to consider a Rockley Cove Rashkini®: Premium quality, quick drying, fade resistant, fashionable gorgeous girlie swimwear, that most importantly, helps keep children safe in the sun.

Talking of which... 

1) Put a hat on them, preferably with a wide brim.
2) Wear good protective clothing such as the Rockley Cove Rashkini®, but also encourage your little ones to play in the shade where possible.

3) Remember to apply sun screen where the suits do not cover, and make sure you have applied enough to protect your child's delicate skin.

4) Sunscreen should have a UPF of at least 30.
Reapply sunscreen every couple of hours when in the sun, especially when playing in water.

6) Beware - the sun is at its strongest between 11am and 3pm.
For more about keeping children safe in the sun, please see here.

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