Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 collection - A CrocsLights review

If you thought Crocs were cumbersome and ugly, its time to think again. 
There's not an ounce of clobber about these, they are practical, and pretty.

I've just said goodbye to my girls. They've gone out wearing their new preferred shoe of choice... CrocsLights. (Decorated with love hearts and butterflies, it's easy to see why).

Esme on her way to gymnastics, slipped bare feet into hers, and Sofia, going along for the ride, is wearing hers over tights. The GraceFaith girls look comfortable and cool, not to mention, colourful and current.

Release date: March 2014
Sizes available: UK 8 to 2-3
Styles: Butterfly, Robo Shark 
& DisneyPixar Cars in shoe size UK 8-13
Price: £34.99
More info: crocs.co.uk
Available from: see website

Okay, look again at the picture. Now imagine that every other image, either a butterfly or love heart, lights up. Yes that's right, flashing all the way around the outside of the foot. The result? These shoes may well suit the beach, but my girlies are dancing about in them everywhere. Lightweight, soft, easy to clean, easy for toddlers to put on, easy for kids to like, easy for mums to like. Oh and great for wearing in the sea.

CrocsLights are not the cheapest beach footwear available; you are going to be paying for the name and the fact that these particular Croc clogs light-up.
Obviously, clogs won't offer small children great foot support and should not be worn everywhere, everyday. (Ahem! Good luck with that).

A pair of low-maintenance shoes, that put on a high-maintenance show. I loved these so much, I wrote about them in my Summer feature for top glossy magazine Baby London. Plus my girls have voted them the perfect Spring/Summer footwear! Really, need I say more?