Saturday, 3 October 2015

Turning clutter to potential cash (2)

Esme and I have planned a car boot sale. The thing about car boot sales, (the really big inner city kind), is that most of us only ever do them around once every eight years, and then after they're done, feel a number of things... relieved that we managed it and made some money out of our crap, but also relieved that, well frankly, we survived.

At car boots you find all walks of life. Those selling, buying, ripping off, and happy to be ripped off. Those for whom it is their hobby even livelihood, and those that are the once every eight year attenders. (Having spent the previous seven getting over the trauma of the last one and building the confidence/acquiring the crap to attend another).

Those religious in their attendance are simple to spot as they are the ones trying to get in your car before you've even parked. I once remember someone putting their hand in through the window over my shoulder to grab hold of a lamp behind me, repeatedly shouting, 'How much?' The car was still moving. I'm afraid to say I was equally shameless, telling her in no uncertain terms that the lamp was no longer for sale.

It is true though isn't it. One person's rubbish is another person's treasure? Or so the saying goes. If you've never had a go at a car boot, I'd say go for it, it can be great fun. Don't be taken for a ride, but then again don't be unrealistic either. The result can be a sum of money for something you previously could only have dreamt of getting rid of!

Tomorrow, Esme and I are off to see what treasures we can lose, find, lose. I'm looking forward to the drama of it all. Mmm. I think I am anyway... Time will tell.