Thursday, 8 October 2015

The need to clear out - physically and mentally

People that regularly visit my blog will know that over the last couple of months its content has often reflected on my mission to change things for the better. (I always think of September as the start of a new year). Anyway this September, lots has been happening...

After admitting having previously suffered from post natal depression, I went on a health kick which included giving up coffee - something I thought I would never be able to stick with. (I have). Add to this, the fact that I've swapped my coffee caffeine intake for veggie juiceI feel more energised than ever
clearly free from depression, and now able to type little wanky winky faces. Ahem.

I'm wondering if my new energy levels may also be down to clearing out clutter? It all started one Sunday morning with the realisation that our grand plans for an extension would need to be scaled down somewhat, due to the thought of how rapidly our funding would be swallowed up by the hole in our back garden. It continued when we finally decided to part with a much loved piece of furniture. It's still going on. Car booting, Ebay and the tip, all recently featuring in my LIFE AS IT IS. Oh and if that hasn't been chaotic enough, on top of that, Graham & Brown allowed us to redecorate the girls bedrooms - post on its way - I was staggered at the amount of tat treasure I found in the process, (while adding paint and wallpaper into the mix).

In all honesty though, it was time for a clear out. No, seriously, it was time for a clear out. Our house build is suddenly all systems go. (It was intended for March 2016, but the builder had a cancellation). A ground floor extension and kitchen knock through. Probably just as well I'm feeling more energy these days right? Heck, I'm gonna need it.

I think the point I'm trying to make here is this:
Change is good.
Create space around you, and create head space.
Create calm around you, and create calm within.
Get rid of unwanted baggage at home, and get rid of unwanted baggage in your heart.
Physically and mentally, clear it all out. Show it all the door.


Suzanne W said...

Couldn't agree with this more Emma I find having a change and a clear out so liberating. I've started the car boot process - at least collected some stuff and ear-marked a date! My eldest wants her room re-decorated so that's next on the agenda...oh and the living room...and the play room. Endless isn't it? Well done on giving up caffeine. What made you do it? I'm not sure that I could.

Emma Oliver said...

Hello the lovely Suzanne, thanks for commenting. Yes, a clear out is good! It can be endless, although we haven't done anything to our home in 8 years - so it is time! (Spurred on by the lovely people at Graham & Brown). Very appreciative of the kids new look rooms. The big reveal is coming! As for coffee, I gave it up when I went on a health kick courtesy of recognising and defeating PND. I recommend everyone do it. (I still have three cups of tea though!) x

Mummy Tries said...

Sounds like you're in a better place now than ever before lovely! So so pleased for you. As you know I'm a huge advocate of having a good clear out... oh and eating lovely clean food for an energy boost. Can't beat it. Have a fab weekend xx