Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Nonsense Show by Eric Carle - A book review

Surely everyone has heard of Eric Carle? An American designer, illustrator and writer, his book The Hungry Caterpillar has sold more than 33 million copies. No surprise there, this clever story covers colour, maths, science, language, and, lollipops! The real questions is, has everyone heard of his latest book, released next week: The Nonsense Show?

TITLE: The Nonsense Show
PUBLISHED BY: Puffin Books
RELEASE DATE: 13th October 2015  
SUITABLE FOR: Ages 3 - Adult
PRICE: £12.99 (Hardback).
AVAILABLE FROM: All good bookshops and online

For a young child, the world is an unknown place, with nursery rhymes and old wives tales awakening their creativity to thousands of play and language possibilities. The Nonsense Show appreciates a world in which colour, fun and surrealism is commonplace, a world in which we sing to our children about cows jumping over moons and women living in shoes. Eric’s clever illustrations give focus to our daily nonsense, and help children to explore their imaginations as well as the world around them.

The nonsensical madness that is this book. The vibrance, the humour, the awkwardness that is this book. The colour and the chaos that is this book. But perhaps most of all, the blurb written on the inside jacket of this book. (I don't think BLURB has ever fitted quite so well). Anyway, it reads as follows:
Eric Carle invented writing, the aeroplane and the internet. He was also the first person to reach the North Pole. He has flown to Mars and back in one day, and was enthusiastically greeted by the Martians. "Very strange beings," he reported on his return. He has written one thousand highly regarded books; a team of experts is presently attempting to grasp their meaning. "It might take a century," said the chief expert. Carle is also a great teller of stories - but not all of them are true, for instance, those in this book. 
Quite simply, The Nonsense Show by Eric Carle, reminds me of the brilliant Edward Lear and Spike Milligan. Enough said. 

Emma Oliver and LIFE AS IT IS received a copy of The Nonsense Show in exchange for a review on the parenting/lifestyle blog LIFE AS IT IS.

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