Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Reclaim your lunch and your mojo!

Having a hot lunch is hot news!

So I've been up to town for work this week, and it's so cold isn't it? Anyway, hungry, I simply had to stop for food. Fortunately this is London and I knew looking for somewhere to grab a sandwich wouldn't take long. Although I kept walking past Caffè Nero - hey, I don't drink coffee anymore... Although I hadn't realised that they started doing hot dinners. When did that happen? Actually, the smell is what got me through the door. Check out my lunch...

I ended up discovering a delicious Mediterranean Vegetable Arrabiata with basil and olive oil. It was so good! And reasonable. So there you go, if you didn't already know it, grab yourself a hot meal at lunch time as well as instead of caffeine! It will warm you up and boost your productivity.

It is no secret that me and my LIFE AS IT IS have been going all health conscious recently. But did you know that nearly one in ten Brits (9.5%) never take a lunch break AT ALL, and 15% of us do lunch 'al desko'. I think I speak for lots of mums and dads on the go at home too, who find it too stressy or hectic to take the proper relaxed time needed to eat properly, running here there and everywhere. Anyway, the moral is to take the time out to eat, for if you do not stop for food during the day, then you are more likely to be lumped with the less motivated, and no one needs to feel like that.

New research from Caffè Nero reveals that despite nearly 40% of us feeling re-energised (37.9%), a third of us feeling happier (31.9%), a fifth more focused (21.3%) and 16% (16.35%) more motivated after a lunchbreak, nearly one in ten Brits (9.5%) never take a break at all, and 15% of us do lunch ‘al desko’. Most famous for its range of espresso based coffees, Caffè Nero will be encouraging Britons to reclaim their lunch hours by launching its first ever ‘hot food’ menu this autumn.


Mummy Tries said...

That's really interesting hon. I'm all about salads most of the year, but for two or three minths love home made soups with fresh stock. Yummmm xx

Emma Oliver said...

I love these sorts of news bites - get it, news bites?! Sorry, could not help it. Home made soup... Yum. x