Friday, 27 May 2016

CRAZY SPECTACULAR Bank Holiday cheese roll?

Want something to do (in Gloucestershire) this May Bank holiday Monday?

Why not take part in the very bonkers annual cheese roll in the village of Brockworth, near Gloucester. People have been doing so (officially and now un-officially) since at least the 1800s, choosing to throw themselves with gusto after a rolling wheel of cheese.

How very British... no not the fact that people run fall down the ridiculously steep Cooper's hill chasing after an 8lb Double Gloucester, but the fact that they still do so after the event was shut due to health and safety concerns six years ago. Hey, what's a broken bone here and there?

Now a very much spontaneous event that takes place with no management whatsoever, if you fancy a bloody big cheese, and you are somewhere near Gloucester, this could prove to be a winning weekend for you. And if you don't fancy winning a cheese, you might just enjoy observing this crazy spectacular instead!

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