Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Amazing Dinosaur Detectives - A book review

Author: Maggie Li 
The Amazing Dinosaur Detectives 
For ages 5+
On sale: 23/05/2016
RRP £9.99 
ISBN 9781843653073
Published by Pavilion Children's, an imprint of Pavilion Books

The Amazing Dinosaur Detectives is billed as an interactive visual guide. Essentially, a plastic magnifying glass is stuck to the front of the book. Gimmicky? A little. But the idea that children can inspect Stegosaurus spikes, Pteranodon skulls, Velociraptor claws etc and find the extra tiny hidden details on each page, will no doubt send them into a dinosaur detective fantasy world frenzy.

What dinosaur loving child isn't going to love this? It's a colourful busy guide into the wonders and workings of the extinct. 

As children travel through this beautifully illustrated and engaging non-fiction book, they will uncover information and facts about our Jurassic predecessors - some of which - even the most informed dinosaur geeks, will not have known. 

Activities included at the back of the book, include a word search, Spot The Difference, a Guessing game and a board game.

The magnifying glass has nowhere to store and the book could do with a pocket somewhere to keep it in. 

Interactive and enjoyable, I like The Amazing Dinosaur Detectives a lot. What Maggi Li has accomplished here is a captivating book that equates to learning through play on a page. If you know a child that is dotty about dinosaurs, then you know that they will very much enjoy this fact full yet fun book.

Maggie Li is a freelance illustrator working in London since she graduated from Kingston University in 2010. She is the Art Director of popular magazine, OKIDO and has worked on their TV series, The Okido Show, aired on Cbeebies. Her work has appeared in countless publications including The Big Issue, Sunday Times, Reader’s Digest and Condé Nast TravellerHer previous books include The Amazing Human Body Detectives, Big City Explorer and Bug Detective.

Emma Oliver and the GraceFaith girls received a copy of The Amazing Dinosaur Detectives in exchange for a review on the parenting/lifestyle blog LIFE AS IT IS.

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