Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Happy Nappy Wetsuit - A review

Available: from birth to 24months+
Suitable for: Newborn and sensitive skins - including eczema
Price: £22.99 - £24.99

Innovative and unique, the Happy Nappy Wetsuit is worth making a splash about!

Wetsuits: anyone who has ever worn one, knows of the difficulty getting in and out of them and let’s face it, they are never flattering. Not the case with the new baby wetsuit from Splash About.  

This wonderfully designed baby wetsuit does the obvious job of keeping your little one warm in cooler waters and is not as difficult to put on as you might think. Once you have the ‘shorts’ part of the wetsuit on, it is easy to pull up over the shoulders and is done up by an easy zip up the back. It really wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined.

We have also previously used the separate happy nappy shorts with the wrap around vest – this is far easier to dress your baby in, but does not keep them as snug and warm as the all in one wetsuit. With the integrated Happy Nappy System you can confidently enjoy the water without the risk of embarrassing leaks. 

They come in an array of wonderful colours and designs meaning that your little one will be one of the few that will actually look great in a wetsuit! The neoprene fabric is super soft and surprisingly flexible - meaning that there are no restrictions for your little one, in or out of the water. Also, having SPF 50, you can be confident of that much needed protection against the sun.  

We used the Pink Candy Stripe design for our eight month old daughter on a recent holiday. I certainly know she wouldn’t have enjoyed the Mediterranean sea during the month of April, had it not been for this cosy wetsuit.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is concerned about cooler water temperatures. We will certainly be using ours for swimming lessons, as the water temperature in our local pool can fluctuate. The last thing we want is to cut a swim session short because the baby is too cold!

Emma Oliver received a Splash About wetsuit for the purpose of this review
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My thanks to my good friend Emma and her gorgeous baby daughter for testing and reviewing the Splash About product on behalf of LIFE AS IT IS.  

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