Monday, 13 May 2013

5 reasons not to get a hamster...

This comment from Sara ( 
Sara Murray12 May 2013 21:48
Ha, love it, good luck :) Current request from my 6yo is for a hamster... #PoCoLo
left on my recent fishy tail post, inspired today's rodent rant: 


  1. 1) They bite. (I'm very grumpy too when woken from chasmic sleep). 
    2) They feel as if they may break when holding them too tightly. (I can remember Esme as a very excited three-year-old strangling a friend's hamster: almost to a bone crushed state).  
    3) They can have bad habits. (The hamster that belonged to my bro - called Jimmy I believe - had quite a neat trick that my mum called a bad habit. He would zoom round in his wheel and poop at the same time, resulting in said pellet, flying out the cage at jaw-poop-dropping rate).
    4) They can break free. (Years ago I was nannying, and went on hols with the family. They left my then partner in charge of the children's beloved hamster. The then partner went out for the eve, but before doing so put the hamster inside its perspex play ball. When he got back from the pub much later, he walked in finding the plastic ball in two pieces AND, shock, horror, the hamster missing). 
    5) They can hibernate and not wake up. (Charlene - the bitch hamster from my childhood that used to draw blood from my pudgy little fingers, did just this. Mum only realised when that corner of the room began to hum).
    #PoCoLo indeed. Thanks for commenting Sara x

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