Friday, 17 May 2013

DELANO ( Link to the next post from the last post)

Pronounced: De-la-no NOT, Dee-lan-oh

Having mentioned luxury hotels worth splurging on in the previous post, I was reminded how fortunate I am to have stayed in so many around the globe. I lived quite a high life as a nanny, first class travel, food and accommodation. Aspects that were made even more glorious due to the juxtaposition of the 'roughing it backpacking' I escaped to during my time off. Which by the way, I loved even more. Back then, anyway!

New Yorker Ian Schrager's posh hotel, Delano, situated on South Beach, Miami was definitely not roughing it. And the following post recalls a shocker of a snippet from my stay there as a nanny. By the way, I'm saying that in a New York accent as I type it; it just works better. Oh as does the word 'better', hell it's probably best, you give it a try too. I love a bit of audience participation. The whole thing though... practise first if you like. But please read the next post in your very best Brooklyn accent (think Woody Allen or Joan Rivers), in tribute to their fellow Brooklynite and designer of luxury hotels worth splurging on, Ian Schrager. 

ps AND yes I know the De-la-no is in Florida, but Florida is really a hot New York. It's spelt differently that's all.

pps Keep practising, it may be a day or two before the post appears!

Silly accents are an all-important part of everyday living, sometimes essential to the reading and telling of LIFE AS IT IS.


Erica Price said...

You make being a nanny sound very glamourous.

You're right about funny accents, but I am hopeless at them, so never try. Hubby does a full range for bedtime stories.

Emma Oliver said...

Hi Erica, thank you for commenting! Look, at times it was incredibly glamourous. But, I need to point out that as the nanny, you could never totally enjoy it (the glamour). You were paid to be there to do a job, i.e. to make your employers life more glamourous! They lie by the pool, you clear up the puke! Ha! Not so now eh?!

Loving the fact that your hubby does the full range of accents for bedtime stories. I feel a new post coming on! x