Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Exhausted via constant demand (toddler & I).

The day began at 5.30am. Again.

The day began with a tub of nappy creme being smeared around the bathroom. And a battle fighting to keep the hot tap shut off versus running furiously fast.

The day ended with big sister's school bag being submerged in the bathtub. And one of Daddy's socks.

In between, everything was mostly a tantrum, a 'no', or a smack (her not me).

In between, she consumed a variety of stuff that she should not have done: soap, chalk, pen tips, mud.

In between, she lost the use of her legs and demanded to be carried most places (until she reached the fun places such as the trampoline that is). 

Indeed, all day she demanded. And all day, I tried my best to ignore. To cuddle. To praise. Each in turn, when they were demanded.

And now she sleeps. Peaceful. 

No doubt, like myself, she is exhausted via constant demand

And I already know I've met the same conclusion I usually meet at this point in an evening.

Simply... I'm too old for this shit.

FOOTNOTE: Good job she's adorable.

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