Tuesday, 10 September 2013

LIFE AS IT IS - All change once more

Looking forward as Autumn arrives & Winter awaits

And so our fabulously long school holiday has drawn to a close. My girls' had their joint birthday party - a day which has come to herald the end of the summer in our home, and now September is upon us. And with the new season apparently comes the glam grunge look. I'm so relieved! 

Esme has returned to school and life is all about change once more. No longer waking late and deciding to head to pond, river or beach. We are all about the school shoes, the lunch box, and the hair in pigtails. But it's not all uniform... 

Now that the Autumn is nearing, we turn to other things, such as changing leaves, and stomping and stamping about in those that are fallen, printing and rubbing with those we collect. Long walks in the gold and auburn countryside, followed by hearty stews from the slow cooker, and delicious warm drinks.

Halloween, fireworks, and the run up to Christmas is so much fun. Let's not be sad about the sunny long days melting away. With so much to celebrate, let's look forward and welcome the change that is upon us. 

Bloody cold though. Heating on yet anyone?!

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