Thursday, 12 September 2013

Product review - Little Us dolls

...Meeting Little Us - 'dolls just like me'.


Price: £9.99

Age suitable for: two years plus

Height: 12"

When I was asked to review the recently launched Little Us rag doll range for two-year-olds plus, I wasn't sure I was that bothered. But when I took a look at them online, I instantly fell in love and said 'yes please' to the offer. I knew my girls would 'get' them.

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I'm not a fan of soft toys at all - but these dolls are completely gorgeous - and hey! They're not for me anyway right?! What I like best about them though, is that they're not just a soft toy... they each come complete with their own personality. Honest! 

I found it quite funny then, that the PR company should send me one to review that was the tomboy of the family, and of course, just the perfect match for little Sofia Faith. 

"'Millie' doesn't like dresses, princesses or fairies! She loves playing outside and playing with the boys so that she can run and climb and play hide and seek!"

In short, Millie is the one that gets the scrape on her knee, falls off the garden gate and has grass in her hair. Needless to say, her and Sofia Faith, became inseparable immediately! And more to the point, Millie is surviving the onslaught! She's one tough little cookie. 

They first met on the morning of Fia's 2nd birthday last week. Sofia seemed to take a real interest in Millie right away, hugging her in immediately. I'm not sure why Sofia honed in on Millie so soon? Perhaps it's the soft material that Millie's made from, or her sweet face, or her size... At 12" tall, she fits perfectly under Sofia's arm, and has hitched a ride with her everywhere! Sofia really has taken to her, that's for sure. Millie even accompanied her to music class this morning.

Esme Grace, my just 5YO has been very envious. It is clear that they appeal to older children as well as toddlers. Which is why the company are making future collections of Little Us dolls with themed outfits, such as 'My favourite thing to do' and 'My day out'; supporting a child in their creative and imaginative play/development.

If you would like to meet the dolls, you can find all four of them, Millie, Chloe, Amelia and Ruby, (along with their personalities) online. Read their Little Us stories and follow their adventures on their Facebook page at

And if you would like to purchase one for your own little tomboy (or otherwise), the Little Us doll range are available from Harrods & Hamleys (what? I hear you shout), or, wait for it, at and retailing at £9.99 I'd suggest the perfect little doll gift idea for Christmas!

(I was sent this product for free, but my opinions/views are all my own).  
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