Monday, 9 September 2013

Lyme time

It’s just a stones throw to the sea to throw stones.

The RNLI station is selling bait and buckets, and before long we are there beside the boats, camped out on the Cobb dangling all our hope on a string. But oh you fickle crabs…. Never mind, we’ll get you back by eating your caught cousins for lunch one day soon.

And anyway, we’re moving on to the beach; the white sands already in reach. Caw caw the noisy gulls cry, riding high on the breeze… Esme looks up momentarily, then lets go of my hand, running to a dazzling blue sea. Sofia follows suit, losing her hat in the process.

Ocean’s edge you’re inviting, we four splash there with you. Then lie and relax, and then swim again. It is what we’re here to do. 

Oh and buckets and spades and sticks and shells, digging down deep to create. And our sand covered toes play peepo; all lay hiding in wait. Then we bury each other one by one and Daddy almost disappears. How we laugh before eating sandy ice cream.

Grab the nets we’re off to explore. 
Under rocks, over pools, along the seashore. 
Washed up this, and tossed there that. 
A crab leg, a Blenny, Sofia’s lost hat.

'Hey', shouts Esme, 'let’s fly our kite,' and we run to find the right spot. We wind it out and up it goes and I'm blown away at how she makes it dance so beautifully. My big girl that only at Easter was afraid of a kite! Meanwhile, Sofia you scream and scream as you wait impatiently for your turn!

Just as well it is a short walk then after the day, back to our retreat. Time now for food, but what are we going to eat? Look there, the fish shop has our tea… a pint of scooped up prawns. Yes, that'll do us easily. 

Method: Cook with garlic, lemon and salt. Drink with wine. Try not to gulp.

As sunlight fades and twilight rests her head once more upon the bay, I gaze, and think no wonder I, we, love coming here. No wonder. And the kids sleep endlessly; all that sea air. 

Simon and I revel in the fact that we are out of contact.

FOOTNOTE: This is pretty much how we spent each and every day of our wonderful holiday.

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