Friday, 13 September 2013

Thought-provoking sister Kate (5) and oregano oil

Sister Kate lives in Ecuador. She lives a most health-orientated lifestyle and sends the most thought-provoking emails. Her latest is a health tip regarding the benefits of oregano oil. Read on...

Most of us add it to our favourite pasta dishes but aside from its delicious fragrance and flavour, oregano has extraordinary health benefits. Full of antioxidants (over 42x the antioxidant activity of apples) and rich in vitamins and nutrients, it is now considered to be a natural alternative to antibiotics when treating disease and illness.

Apparently, the properties of the oil made from the oregano flower and leaf can inhibit the growth of many types of bacteria and fungus, and studies are showing that oregano oil appears to reduce infection as effectively as traditional antibiotics. (Great when you consider the rise of resistance to these). 

Sister Kate sent me some oregano oil to try, which I've now used to treat a sore throat. I can honestly say that just putting a few drops on my tongue before bed helped. I woke up without a sore throat the next morning. A warning though... it tastes vile.

All good health stores will carry this. Look for certified organic wild mountain oregano oil in liquid form. You are wanting the Mediterranean oil with the ingredient carvacrol. Amazon sells 30ml for approximately £15.

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