Thursday, 5 September 2013

SEPTEMBER & back to school (1)

Esme Grace went this morning, pigtails in place.
Hello all. Goodbye Mummy.
She never looked back.
I was very proud.

I kept myself in check. And busy.
And as it was a stunning 30 degrees (September?!) 
I packed up a picnic for Sofia Faith and I.

Of course I realised Esme was missing immediately... 
It was so quiet in the car.

We arrived at Frensham Pond.
Fia stood splashing in the water, then sat playing in the sand. Having fun. Some time and space of her own. The first in six weeks. 

I relaxed.

Perhaps it was time. Perhaps we were all ready.

After all, the peace and quiet has been rather welcome!


simonn75 said...

Thanks for putting the moment down in words. Daddy is very proud too. X

Emma Oliver said...

Ahhh xxx